Eurodraw Wire Equipment – Wire Düsseldorf 2024

On display at the Eurodraw booth

MTX dry drawing machine for fine wires:

The interesting facts about this drawbench model is that the electrical cabinet is integrated at the rear of the drawbench. All electrical wiring, on-board water and air connections are already in place. It is only necessary to connect the main electricity supply, air and water supply, thereafter machine is ready for production.

Two cradles of a skip stranding machine, which constitute the cabling part of the PC Strand production process. The finish product is a 6+1 wires Low relaxation strand.
Eurodraw is one of the few producers in the world for PC wire and strand lines for low relaxation concrete reinforcement.

PC strand lines:

PC strand is used as a reinforcement product for concrete beams and precast concrete structures. It is a high carbon product that is composed by 7 wires that are stranded together and then stretched ad heat treated in order to obtain the low relaxation property.

These lines are available in three different spool sizes and with different capacity.
The CLR 900, the CRL 1120 and the CRL 1250.  The lines differ by the possibility of loading a spool of 900, 1120 or 1250 mm. The heat treatment of the strand is performed by an induction furnace that can be sized up to 1000 kW in power.

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