Imagine a powerful laboratory scientific system that consistently ensures the production of high-quality film. Our mini cast film extruder is fully integrated with a spot inspection system. This compact unit is designed to check the quality of plastics by spotting any unexpected impurities like gels, contaminated particles or other defects on the film’s surface, alerting the potential quality issues with input plastic quality during initial handling, mixing or blending processes.

Moreover, the system acts as a watchful eye, providing real-time feedback on the impurity particle counts and distribution, allowing to optimized extrusion parameters like temperature, pressure and screw speed, leading to not only enhance production efficiency but also minimize material waste.

This line is versatile, compatible with almost all conventional polymers, biodegradable polymers, blends, and recycled materials that may contain trace elements or contaminants capable of negatively impacting the final film properties.

  • Compact and spacesaving design
  • Great flexibility in placement
  • Costeffective option for businesses
  • Minimal material consumption
  • Ease of Installation
  • Low power consumption and small footprint
  • Reliable quality control of plastic resins, compounds and recycled materials

LCD Touchscreen Panel for Spot Inspection System

The spot inspection system employs a high-resolution camera and high-power LED to precisely analyze the position and distribution of gel particles and impurities (e.g. black spots and agglomerated colored pigments) within the film/sheet. When light passes through or reflects off impurity particles, they become noticeable due to their distinct optical properties.

Additionally, it generates valuable data for monitoring and fine-tuning the extrusion process and the purity of input materials, allowing operator to identify any trends from desired parameters and monitor the production process.


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