Supply Drum Twister line for the manufacturing of Milliken Copper Conductor up 2500mm² for HV XLPE Cables.

Supply 54 DIN 630 bobbin Rigid Strander for manufacturing of ACSR overhead conductor.

Rigid stranding line 61 wires. Drum Twister armouring line. Drum Twister lay-up line. Single Twist line ST2000 for Laying up and Armouring purpose.

Supply Double Twist Strander 1600 for the manufacturing of copper and aluminum conductor.

Supply Extrusion line, with corrugator type UC 210/48 IV, to produce double layer corrugated PE pipes from 32 to 210 mm.

Supply, install and commission laboratory 5-layer film blowing line in combination with 3-layer cast film line.

Supply, install and commission laboratory 36mm twin screw compounder with water path and palletizer.

Supply of automotive wire extrusion line.