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Air wipes for cable and wire

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The most efficient dryer for cables, wires, pipes and other extruded products

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  • Lowest compressed air consumption combined with the best drying performance
  • Air flow is adjustable on the pressure gauge
  • Device is designed using non-corrosive materials such as galvanized brass, stainless steel and aluminium
  • Several models are available to cover a standard range of diameters from 1 to 40mm (models for larger cable diameters and specific socket sizes can be customized on request)
  • By turning the the machined hexagon nozzle holders by hand, one can choose the diameter of the blowing nozzle best suited for the cable being processed
  • The change of diameter is carried out in a blink of an eye without the need for any disassembling
  • The swing arm is equipped with a pressure spring and opens automatically allowing the harmless passage of olives or knots
  • The inner surface of the nozzle are wear-resistant coated with an industrial ceramic (aluminium oxide)
  • The device is able to dry every type of surface structure; rough, smooth streaked…


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