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Bows for cable and wire production machines

Product Overview

Bows for:

  • Small size bunchers / pairing machines / backtwist pay-offs/ group twinners from 400 to 800 mm
  • Large double twist cablers/stranders 1000/1250/1600/1800/2000 either for copper ropes or insulated bundles
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Bow Technology offers high technology bows

  • 60+ YEARS of experience in double twist
  • 25+ well-known BRANDS on offer (Bekaert, Caballé, Ceeco, Cortinovis, Godderidge, Hamana, Kabelkraft, Kinrei, Krupp, Lesmo, Niehoff, NMC, Pourtier, Samp, Setic, Tecalsa….)
  • 650+ high technology customized designs


Introducing the patented GreenBow 2+

  • One exclusive design for double twist machine
  • Three wire paths for enhanced production
  • Up to 30% energy savings on bow motorization
  • Two inner diameters, 4 or 6 mm (7.94mm tubes)




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