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Cable and Wire Manufacturing Plant – Machines and equipment for sale

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Low Voltage General Purpose and Housewire plant, all machines and equipment for sale:

  1. Copper rod breakdown machine
  2. Twin intermediate wire drawing machine – 17 die
  3. 800mm Double twist buncher
  4. High output Extrusion line 90 + 50 mm , 3 high speed printers and all accessories
  5. Coiling line for insulated wire coils
  6. Coiling line for flat, flexible and special cables
  7. Laboratory equipment
  8. ATLAS COPCO screw compressor
  9. Cable stripping machine
  10. Assorted pumps, hoists, chain blocks for lifting, storage tanks and cooling tower
  11. Cummins 3 phase generator, 33 KVA
  12. High speed machined 630 bobbins, 800 mm bobbins and 1600mm drums for large cables


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