Crosshead Description – E 4 A N 1 1

4 Maximum core inlet diameter (mm)
A Melt flow distributor configuration: standard (conical 8° to 30°)
N Heating configuration: standard heater (up to 250°C)
1 Number of main layer(s)
1 Striping or skin coloration
Main applicationsSingle layer + striping or skin coloration
Centering systemFix
Maximum inlet diameter4 mm
Maximum die diameter (With compression tooling)7 mm
Maximum die diameter (With tubing tooling)11 mm
Angular index for non-round extrusion tooling
Main entry port diameter12 mm - M30x1.5
Auxiliary entry port diameter8 mm - M20x1.5
Number of heating zones:
Main extruder connection1
Auxiliary extruder connection1
Weight, approximately12kg

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