POURTIER design and dedicate Drum Twisters for:

  • HV cables (Milliken) : laying-up of Cu conductors
  • Screening and armouring operations

Thanks to its flexibility, it is also used for steel wire armouring or/and copper wire screening of power cable by using central rotating pay-off for the cable to be armoured/screened and with addition of simple pay-off stands for copper/steel wires.
In such configuration the line can also be used in taping mode for large cable with pay-off and take-up being stationary.

TypeBobbin size [mm]Weight [tons]Speed [RPM]
DTPC 160016006200
DTPC 2200220010120
DTPC 2600260012120
DTPC 2800280013100
DTPC 3000300015100
DTPC 320032002060
DTPC 3600360025/4060/80
DTPC 4000400030/4060/80
DTPC 450045005050
DTPC 5000500050/7550

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