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Foam XPE Sheet Extrusion Line

Product Overview

Foam XPE Sheet Application

  • In construction industries it is used coupled with reflective aluminum film.
  • Used in packaging industries as a good protection against small bumps and scratches.
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The foam polyethylene sheets are lightweight, flexible, elastic, waterproof, mold resistant and non-toxic. It can be used in various fields and are ideal in packaging to protect against low shocks and scratches. Our extrusion lines for foam sheets are available in several versions: single screw with chemical expansion and single screw, twin screw and tandem system using physical foaming agents. One can achieve production of 800 kg/h with single widths of 1800 mm. The lines can be integrated with lamination or coating systems able to produce directly in line, a high technological multilayer sheet. The applied laminating layer can  compose of HDPE, aluminium or pluriball film.

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