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HF-15B High Frequency Spark Tester

Product Overview

The HF-15B is ideal for applications testing smaller wires at high line speeds or when a direct ground to the center conductor is not possible/practical. 

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The Clinton model HF-15B High Frequency Sine Wave Spark Tester combines the latest in technology and innovative features for 3kHz spark testing of wire and cable.

The HF-15B can be quickly configured for extrusion or respooling or operations through a simple configuration menu on the alphanumeric display. During spark testing, critical data such as test voltage, percent load, and counts for particular fault types can be easily accessed. Additionally, descriptive codes inform the operator when there is an error. For example, when the protective electrode cover is open.

The display module can be mounted to the unit as shown, or can be installed up to 200 feet away, with an optional longer interconnecting cable. The HF-15B can connect easily to a PLC with Modbus RTU via RS-485 full duplex. Optional Analog, DeviceNET, Ethernet/IP, PROFINET, Profibus, and Modbus TCP communications are available. Wiring and setup are done externally; there is no need to open the unit. One form C and three form A relay contacts are located on the rear panel for easy connection to external alarms, lights, or machinery controlled by the spark tester. Relay function may be selected from options including: high voltage ON indication, fault alarm, bare wire alarm, and voltage watchdog (when enabled, the equipment will alert when a preset upper or lower voltage is exceeded).

The HF-15B can be automatically calibrated for voltage to IEC/CEI 62230, EN 50356, UL, and NEMA standards with the Clinton Instrument Company’s STCAL system.

Major Features:

  • Pinhole/Bare Wire Differentiation
  • Flexible Communication Options 
  • Reliability 
  • Ease of Use
Voltage Test RangeApproximately 500V to 15kV RMS
Voltage Accuracy+/- 2% of reading
Test Frequency1000 to 3500Hz, depending on load capacitance
Output Power4mA Resistive, 40mA capacitive
Fault IndicationWhite 3-digit 20.32mm high LED display, amber fault indicating LED
Fault ResolutionVariable with electrode length or directly configurable from 1 millisecond to 2 seconds
Detection SensitivityConforms to IEC 62230
Operating ModesContinuous HV/remove voltage on fault, momentary process control/latch until reset
Relay Outputs1 Form C, 3 Form A / Configurable Functionality Relay contacts rated 1A max @ 240VAC or 2A max @120VAC for both NO and NC circuits. Front panel or external reset. In non-latch modes, closure time is adjustable in 10 millisecond increments from 50 milliseconds to 2 ½ seconds
Power Requirements100 to 240VAC 47-63 Hz. Power supply self-adjusting
SafetyDesigned to IEC-1010
CommunicationsModbus RTU via RS-485
OptionalAnalog, Ethernet IP, Modbus TCP, Profibus
CommunicationsProfinet, DeviceNET

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