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High voltage catenary continuous vulcanizing (CCV) lines

Product Overview

HV-CCV Lines for cost-effective production of high-grade medium voltage (MV), high voltage (HV) and extra-high voltage (EHV) cable on the same Catenary Continuous Vulcanization Line (CCV Line)

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  • Two rotating belt take-offs
  • Minimized dripping effect
  • For highly compacted, banded and Milliken conductors

TROSS System

  • TROESTER roundness stabilization system
  • Fixing the cable surface
  • Use of standard insulation materials

More Advantages of the TROESTER CCV Line Concept

  • Long production runs
  • High production speed by High-Output Concept
  • Minimized scrap length through flexible endseal and lead wire seal technique and temperature controlled starting/stopping of the line
  • Environmental friendly components: gas filtering system, by-product collection, low energy resistance heating
  • Fast product change through:
    • Online centering of the cross head
    • quick tool change in 15 min supported by special tooling
    •  flexible sealing concepts

Line speed examples:

20 kV 150 mm² Al 13,80 m/min
25 kV 35mm² Al 16,90 m/min
110 kV 630 mm2 Cu 1,75 m/min
220 kV 1200 mm2 Cu 0,90 m/min
400 kV 1600 mm2 Cu 0,55 m/min
Voltage classkV10 – 500
Conductor cross sectionmm²95 – 3250
Wall thickness
Inner semi-conductormm0,4 – 3,0
Insulationmm3,4 – 35,0
Outer semi-conductormm0,4 – 3,0
Cable weight
Line speed max.m/min45
Extruder group
Triple cross head
PXA 90 / 2×150 / 90

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