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Second-hand Medek & Schorner Cable Marker Model KS 442

Product Overview

The cable marker KS 442 C-FM is a high-performance marker to be installed in the extrusion line and has been especially designed for the purpose of high-speed gravure printing on hot plastic insulated wires and plastic jacketed cables.

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Due to the extremely high precision of the machine’s drive, the KS 442 C-FM ensures a non slip operation and a reduction of the strain on the soft cable insulation to a minimum.
Consisting of two printing stations, the machine allows a fast change of the type of printing and a fast change of the ink colour.
The KS 442 C-FM, configured at the factory for left-to-right running, should be placed as close as possible to the extruder in the extrusion line.

Type of machineKS 442 C-FM
Serial number1723/01
Year of manufacturing2014
Height: max.1750 mm
Width750 mm
Depth800 mm
Weightapprox.. 190 kg
Marking speed: max. 1200 m/min
Marking directionRight
Marking good height750 - 1250 mm
Marking good diameter1.1 – 4.5 mm
Print wheel diameter86 mm
Mains supply3 x 400V + N + PE
Mains frequency50 Hz
Power consumptionmax. 1200 VA
Mains fuse16 A slow
Printing disc drive type3 phase induction motor
Printing disc drive rated speedup to 5050 rpm
Printing disc drive nominal power0.6 kW
Ink moduletype FM, company MEDEK & SCHÖRNER
Ink pumptype 151ASL/M7, company SCHERZINGER
Ink pump gear motor0.25 kW, 390 rpm
Ink coolertype F 0514 K, company BEHR
Ink filtertype 223-160 B, company GRACO
Compressed air setting4 bars
Water hose inner diameter8 mm

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