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MULTIFLOW RAPID Fiber Blowing Machine

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Cable blowing machine for backbone. Optimal for relining.

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MultiFlow RAPID is designed for relining of multiple micro ducts, but it can also be operated for single cables.

Fiber/Cable OD: 5.5-32 mm
Duct size OD: 10-63 mm
Preparation time: 8-10 min
Blowing distance: up to 5,000 m
Floating distance (with water):up to 10,000 m

Effective for both for single cable and relining
This machine is very flexible as it can both be configurated for single cable and for relining. It can blow many different combinations of ducts and microducts.

Tool free installation
The configuration and installation can be deployed without any usage of tools. This makes every fiber blowing job even more effective as the machine can quickly be adapted to blow different sizes of fiber/cable and ducts saving you a lot of time.

Cable blowing with either air or water
It is possible to install microducts and fiber optic cables using either air or water. With water assisted cable floating, you can achieve optimal results, especially when installing large cables or blowing long distances.

Cable diameter ¹5,5-32 mm
Duct diameter²10-63 mm
Blowing distance³Up to 5,000 m
Floating distance³Up to 10,000 m
Pushing Force0-200kg
Blowing speed⁴Up to 80 m/min
Rec. AirflowMin. 8,000-12,000 l/min.
Rec. air pressure8-12 bar
Max. air pressure16 bar
Max. hydraulic pressure110 bar
1050 mm
400 mm
500 mm
48,6 kg
¹ One set of chains needed (5.5-8 mm/8-16 mm/14-32 mm).
² Standard duct OD: 14-60 mm, Custom made duct OD: 10-13 mm & 61-63 mm.
³ Depending on type of microduct and cable.
⁴ Cooled and dried air.

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