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Multilayer Co-Ex Film Blowing Lines

Product Overview

Broad range of co-ex film blowing lines from 2 layers up to 11 layers equipped with single screw extruders ranging from 12.5 mm conical version to the largest 60 mm.

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These lines can be equipped with various features such as:

  • Duplex air cooling ring with high efficiency
  • Oscillating Nip-Roll for very even film rolls
  • From traditional digital controls to fully computerized lines
  • Single or multi station wind ups
  • Computerized gravimetric hopper feeding system for precise control of layer thicknesses
  • Towers for Co-Ex film lines
Multilayer Co-Ex Film Blowing LinesLF-250 Co-ExLF-400 Co-ExLF-600 Co-ExLF-700 Co-ExLF-800 Co-ExLF-1000 Co-Ex
Total height of film tower
(with motorized adjustment
For towers up to LF-400) (mm)
(3,200-4,200) |
Nip-Roll width (mm)
Max. film lay flat width (mm)200350550650
Film Speed (Wind up speed) Other on request (m/min)0-15 (0-15)0-35 (0-40)0-35 (0-40)0-35 (0-40)
0-35 (0-40)
0-35 (0-40)
Height from die to nip-roll for 3 layer die (mm)820-1,8201,450-2,450Standard (1,950-2,950) | Platform (3,200-4,200)Platform (3,200-4,200)Platform (3,200-4,200)Platform (3,200-4,200)
Power for Nip-Roll haul off (kW)0.180.751.

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