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Refurbished Second-Hand Plastic Granulator

Product Overview

The granulator is suitable for granulating plastic products including sheets, thin walled pipes, containers, blow-molding parts, profiles, packaging materials, and sprues.

  • Staggered blades ensure uniform granules with high efficiency.
  • The distance between the rotary and fixed blades is adjustable.
  • Multiple protection functions.
  • General-purpose granulator adopts a sealed bearing which allows high durability.
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  • The granulator blade structure is between a claw blade and a flat blade, suitable for crushing plastic products such as ordinary sheets, pipes, profiles, plates, and packaging materials, as well as sprues.
  • The granulator flat crusher is suitable for recycling plastic materials such as boxes, thin pipe fittings, blow molded parts, bottles, shells, etc.
  • The blade design is reasonable, the product is evenly granulated, energy-saving and durable, efficient and economical.
  • The gap between the moving and fixed blades is adjustable.
  • Equipped with multiple safety protection devices to ensure safe operation.
  • A universal plastic crusher uses sealed bearings to maintain good rotation for a long time.
  • The processing technology is mature, and important components such as the box and tool holder are processed as a whole to ensure matching accuracy.
Chrushing chamber (mm)410x235
Throughput (kg/h)200-250
Fixed blades (pcs)2
Rotary blades (pcs)12
Power (kW)7.5
Screen opening (mm)8
Dimensions LxWxH (cm)103x84x139
Net weight (kg)500

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