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Twin-screw extruder parallel – DS series

Product Overview

  • Extruder for PVC profile extrusion
  • Up to 650 kg/h output capacity

  • NEXXT365 for the optimum cross linkage
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The modular design of our twin-screw extruders of the DS series provides for highest flexibility in production. While the frame, switch cabinet and drive unit form the basis, the process unit is optional, depending on current demand. And all this comes in the approved WEBER quality, made in Germany.


  • Modular machine concept offers maximum flexibility
  • Interchangeable processing units
  • Can be optimised to suit the required output in each case
  • Processing of different recipes using an adjustable feed diameter
  • Choice of optimum and efficient processing units for individual requirements
  • Low investment costs for subsequent upgrades
  • Can be combined with the WEBER co-extrusion technology for co-extruder
ModelOutput (PVC)
DS630-120 kg/h
DS72.2270-180 kg/h
DS8.2270-230 kg/h
DS9.25120-330 kg/h
DS9.32max 370 kg/h
DS11.22200-430 kg/h
DS11.27250-480 kg/h
DS13.22230-550 kg/h
DS13.27250-650 kg/h

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