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Second-hand Corrugation Line for Cable protection pipe

Product Overview

WEBER / Drossbach / Next (GRAEWE) Corrugation Line for Cable protection pipe (PE) with dimensions of ID 7 to OD 50 mm

  1. WEBER Extruder
  2. Drossbach Die Head
  3. Drossbach Corrugator & Chiller
  4. GRAEWE Caterpillar haul-off and cutting device (BA32/2 & TE32)
  5. Cooling blower station
  6. Tilting Table
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1.WEBER Extruder

Machine Type: NE4

Year Manufactured: 1993

Werk-Nummer: Wk.-Nr. NE4   028

Connecting Voltage: 230/400V

Frequency: 50Hz

Connecting Power: 60 kW

Fusible supply current: 125A

Supply cable cross section: 50mm²

Next Neuenburger Extrusionstechnik Werk-Nr. 8-210703-1

Condition: All heating zones and temperature control circuit as well as PLC was tested, without main extruder motor as the VSD is missing.

Note! All OEM technician documentation and drawings are available

2.Drossbach Die Head 

3.Drossbach Corrugator & Chiller

Drossbach HD 50-96

PE/PP/PVC output = up to 230kg/h

Max. pipe outer diameter (OD) = 55mm

Min. pipe outer diameter (OD) = 7mm

Length of molding area = 2900mm

Total length of rials = 4900mm

No mold blocks available.

Chiller: Tool-Temp TT – 15’000 (Next Neuenburger Extrusionstechnik Werk-Nr. 8-210703-3)

4.GRAEWE Caterpillar haul-off and cutting device (BA32/2 & TE32)

Machine Nr. 1406

Date: June 2003

(Next Neuenburger Extrusionstechnik Werk-Nr. 8-210703-4)

All technical documents and electrical drawings available

Technical data:

Max. pipe dia.: 50mm

Number of belts: 2

Belt width: 80mm

Contact length: 400mm

Drive power: 0.6kW

Mains Voltage: 3 x 400V / 50Hz

Control Voltage: 230V / 50Hz

Speed: 19m/min.

Traction: 1000N

Extrusion height: 1000 – 1200mm

5.Cooling blower station

(Next Neuenburger Extrusionstechnik Werk-Nr. 8-210703-9)

6.Tilting Table

(Next Neuenburger Extrusionstechnik Werk-Nr. 8-210703-5)

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