With special focus on:

Multi-purpose high speed Double Twist Stranders / Cablers

  • Stranding of bare copper, aluminium and aluminium alloy wires from 7, 19, 37 up to 61 wires
  • Stranding of bare flexible copper conductors
  • Laying-up of insulated cores

Single Twist Cabling Lines with Pay-offs

  • Cabling of control, LAN Cat 5/6/7/7A/8, data, special and instrumentation cables
  • Stranding of Flexible Cu/Al strand (battery cables, …)

Double Twist Twinners with Backtwist Pay-offs

  • Backtwisting and pairing of 2 insulated conductors
  • The production of cat. 5 / 6 / 6A / 7 / 7A / 7 + LAN pairs, profibus, special cable… with highest quality and consistency

C2S – Cables Services & Systems

  • Spare Parts – All brands spare parts for wire and cable rotating machinery.
  • Bow Technology – High Technology bows  designed and manufactured in collaboration with the most renowned cable makers.
  • Upgrades – A team at your service to study lines improvements, productions evolution, replacement of obsolete items.
  • Services – Training and consulting, repair operations, assistance in troubleshooting.
  • Industry 4.0The way to collect, analyse and use machinery data in an innovative way, for an improved efficiency. Prevent unexpected machine failures and manage just-in-time maintenance operations to improve OEE thanks to a self-learning AI.
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