Why Choose Us

We possess extensive know-how and understanding of customer needs, and add excellence and value throughout the entire process.

With the ever-increasing change and growth in technology, it is difficult to keep up with the latest manufacturing processes, machines, and equipment in the market.
GMCEO Engineering Services will facilitate your capital investment plans by providing premium machinery, equipment, materials, and services of superior quality that will enable cost-effective investment possibilities.

With the support of our OEM’s and our experience and know-how gained during the last 25 years we can make your capital investment plans and dreams a reality.

Our focus and core competencies lie within the following industries:

Our Promise To You

Our Industries and Products


  • Harness wire manufacturing machines
  • Automotive cable compound
  • Automotive hose extrusion lines
  • Rubber mixing systems
  • Bead wire coppering lines

Building & Construction

  • PC wire & strand manufacturing machines
  • Electrical butt welders for steel wire/rod
  • Wire roll pointing machines
  • Rebar straighteners, benders & cutters


  • Rolling stock cable manufacturing machines
  • Rolling stock cable compound
  • Trolley wire manufacturing machines


  • LV & MV power cable manufacturing machines
  • HFFR cable compound
  • HDPE water pipe extrusion lines
  • Corrugated water drainage pipe mahines
  • Steel wire rope manufacturing machines

Power, Energy & Communication

  • HV and EHV Power cable manufacturing machines
  • Overhead transmission line machines
  • Solar cable manufacturing machines
  • Submarine power cable manufacturing equipment
  • LAN and Data Cable machines


  • LV armoured distribution cable
  • HDPE water reticulation pipe machines
  • PVC sewage pipe extrusion lines
  • Corrugated Ground-laid cable protection hose

Food & Packaging

  • Foam XPS sheet extrusion line
  • Flat PET foil production line
  • Multilayer barrier foil production line
  • Flat PP-PS foil production line


  • PET Bottle Washing And Recycling Machine
  • Plastic PE,PP Film Washing And Recycling Machine
  • Mixed Soft And Hard Material Washing And Recycling Machine
  • Plastic compounding and conveying systems

Compound & Masterbatch

  • Plastic compounding and conveying systems
  • Material collection and storage equipment
  • Laboratory computerized filter test
  • Laboratory film blowing lines
  • Laboratory 2-roll mills